100 Warhol Exhibition during Art Basel Miami Beach

30,000 visitors, 1,800 at VIP Opening.


Chopard, Wells Fargo, Veuve Clicquot, Paul Bakery, Americans For the Arts, Arts & Business Council, Havas Worldwide PR, Art & Auction, Halle Saint Pierre, White Feather Foundation…



“100 Warhols, an Overview: Painting, Drawing, Collage, Unique Work on Paper, Trial Proofs and Edition Prints”

Unprecedented in scope and depth in the history of art fairs, this historic exhibition was the centerpiece of the Overture Miami Art Fair presented by ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD.

This vast presentation celebrated Andy Warhol’s entire working career and included work in a variety of media from the artist’s early years to his final paintings, including iconic works and a great many works never before exhibited to the public.

Presented around six distinct themes; Flowers, Animals, Politics, Icons, Early Years and Late Years, the exhibition was designed to be an accessible and educational survey of the most important artist of the last half of the twentieth century.

Exhibition highlights were many and traversed a great spectrum of time and sensibility. Highlights include the rarely exhibited Flash November 22, 1963 portfolio in its entirety, which Warhol created in 1968 in response to the national trauma of the Kennedy assassination and to the then unprecedented international media coverage of the event. Additional features included a rare, large scale portrait of 1980’s icon Debby Harry and a very intimate portrait of Warhol’s beloved dog, Archie.